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Mobile Messaging in the Public Sector after Schrems II

So. You work in the Public Sector or a Trade Union in Sweden and your organisation has mobile apps?

Interesting. You have a legal duty of confidentiality to your employees, members and the general public.

But - the chances are your apps are using products like Google Firebase Messaging, and Apple Push Notification Service to send notifications to your users. 

Verja - serverless subscriptions of CVE reports

When you have a varied stack of tools, services, frameworks etc. it could be hard to track Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) for them. There are a bunch of different services out there to help you, but I never found the one that suited me, so based on a idea from another project, I wrote a Github action called Verja.

WebP Enabling for PHP GD Library

To have the Drupal module for WebP working with PHP GD enabled. I pulled my hair out trying to find support online for how to enable this easily on our Jelastic platform. Turns out that there’s no easy way. You need to rebuild GD library in PHP with the right support for your environment.

New module: HTTP Status Code

HTTP Status Code is a new module to manipulate HTTP status header.

Using open source Minio and the Flysystem S3 module to handle Drupal files

We are in the process of transforming the way we host our applications to a docker based workflow. One of the challenges we face is the file storage. At the heart of our business are open source technologies and tools, therefore  we have looked into in using Minio (more or less the same as Amazon S3 for file storage) instead of local filesystem (or Amazon S3).
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